International Business Consultants

Where global business, economics and politics converge.

Business today is fast-paced, complex and, above all, global. In our increasingly interdependent economies, success means understanding the world at large, as well as the opportunities and challenges of a globalized marketplace.
Annisa Group provides the key insights for businesses and organizations to succeed in the global environment.
We advise public and private sector clients on strategic and tactical issues involving globalization, international trade, trade development and trade finance. We identify and evaluate potential foreign markets analyzing the economic, political and cultural factors that will affect your ability to succeed. Our unique appreciation of the interplay among business, culture and politics will help you create successful cross-border strategies.
We Provide:
  • Consultation on the political, cultural and economic regulatory issues affecting companies looking to expand in the global market and foreign companies looking to expand into the U.S.
  • Consultation on the global markets for companies exploring expansion
  • Consultation on Global Strategies/ Macroeconomics Trends.
  • Training seminars and workshops for corporate executives and managers on the intricacies of International Trade, Global Strategy and Building Businesses in the International Marketplace